Monday, October 31, 2011

HUST: Truthful About Student Enrollment?

Well, it's a new year and HUST appears to be grossly exaggerating their student enrollment again. Last year they claimed a total student enrollment of 822. This year they claim 1022. Here is a web capture from HUST's website, October of 2011:

Every institution that accepts financial aid must report certain information. That information is public and available through the National Center for Education Statistics. HUST's specific report is available here. When you visit, you'll see this:

Also, in June of 2011, HUST reported a total enrollment of 386 to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, HUST's accrediting body. So there are at least two official figures that disagree with HUST's public claims.

Strange indeed! Did HUST enroll 700 new students for fall of 2011?! Errr no.

There were about 90 first year students for fall of 2011.  A few students transfered in. Some transfered out and some students graduated. HUST's horrible retention rate indicated about 70 first year students left. When all is said and done my best estimate for the current total student enrollment (graduate and undergraduate) is about 350. HUST had a decrease in student enrollment in the neighborhood of 40-70 students. I'm sure the Provost would be happy to give you the exact figures if you ask. /sarcasm

When confronted with these figures the Provost allegedly has claimed that fudging your numbers is "what everyone does". This is simply untrue. For example, Temple University reports about 37,000 students. The Nation Center for Education Statistics confirms that number. The same is true for other local institutions like HACC and York College. It appears that HUST is attempting to disguise their true enrollment numbers. Why would they need to do that?


  1. I've never seen 1000 students. Heck if there were 350 I'd be surprised. Maybe a lot come for night classes or something? I heard that HU counts students from SciTech High school as college students. That's pathetic.

  2. I don't think HUST has anything to do with the charter school anymore. That's too bad, it could have served the students of Harrisburg well.