Thursday, November 17, 2011


Anonymous said... "Who ever wrote this all needs to come forward and stop being a coward. Without you we have no hard evidence, all we have is a blog with statements that seem to be backed up....we need you to come forward and talk to the students directly or the news or NOTHING will ever get done about this all!" - November 17, 2011 12:00 PM

Hello Anonymous! I applaud your courage and passion. I know I usually post facts and figures and references sprinkled with some lame humor, but at the heart of it, I do it because I care about Harrisburg University. I care about the people that work here and I have a sincere and passionate interest in the success and the wellbeing of the students. Nothing would make me happier then to see Harrisburg University meet its mission and help students launch great careers. We could all be part of something great.

Sadly, the university is failing badly before it ever had a chance to get established. It got off track and never made a course correction. The problems really began when the reigns were handed to the Provost, who is business oriented rather than education oriented. This is why Harrisburg University appears to be a fantastic place; it has focused all of its efforts and finances on marketing. We have a fancy building, we have lots of overpaid administrators with bloated titles and credentials. We have flashy virtualspheres and many advanced centers of "science".  What we don't have are solid academic programs and research centers that meet our mission.

"The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is an independent educational institution offering academic and research programs in mathematics, science, and technology designed to meet the needs of the region's youth, workforce, and businesses, and to expand, attract, and create economic opportunities in the region."

Take special note of "...offering academic and research programs in mathematics, science, and technology." Harrisburg University doesn't even have a mathematician and there is no serious research at Harrisburg University. Have you been to our labs? They are equipped at a high school level. How can faculty conduct any real science research? How can faculty conduct research when there are only a handful of actual scientists and they all teach heavy course overloads? Why doesn't Harrisburg University stop wasting money on dead programs (I'm looking at you "e"Business) and hire more scientists, support research and equip the labs? Unfortunately, it's because good science programs don't get the kind or press that fake science centers and "social media blackouts" do.

Harrisburg University is dead on the inside. There is no passion, there is no sense of community. The faculty is fractured, the staff keep their heads down and the students come and go so fast we hardly get to know them. So what can we do? There is no mechanism to fix things through normal channels.

But I still think there is hope. There are finally enough students on campus that have been around long enough to stand up for themselves. Seriously you guys, how long are you going to put up with the bullshit? Every year it's the same thing: You hate the Registrar because she isn't helpful and lacks normal human interaction skills, you recognize that some faculty members are horrible, you are tired of your financial aid getting screwed up,  you are stuck taking six credit general education "Mind" courses and nobody can figure out exactly what your tuition bill should be. Every year some students go to the Provost to complain and every year he nods his head and seemingly agrees and then send the students on their way.  Many students become frustrated and leave. A crazy number of students leave after the very first semester.

You might not believe it, but YOU, the student, have the power to fix things. You want help? Just ask! There are others in the Harrisburg University community that will definitely support you. You should have figured out by now that talking to administration is pointless unless you like bullshit and empty promises. I know many of you have been calling for a town meeting, but you will never witness the whole town assemble. Administration will never allow students, faculty and trustees to be in the same room together. Administration can only lie to one group at a time.

This blog is a way for a faction of us on the inside to get you information. We want you to know that what is happening at Harrisburg University is not even close to normal. We want you to know that this blog is just one way we are fighting for ourselves and fighting for you. But how far do we take it? I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that the school could easily lose accreditation and simply fail. Then where will we be? Frankly, the school is headed that way anyway. The President lies, the Provost is incompetent, the general education is terrible, the institution is not properly staffed, the enrollment is down, the retention rates are down and a hundred other problems. How long before we are all out of jobs and students have worthless degrees and credits?

And the truth is that those of us that are faculty and staff at Harrisburg University have let you down. I sincerely apologize. We prostituted ourselves for the sakes of our jobs. We have an ethical and professional responsibility to stand up for students and the institution.We are afraid. We don't want to lose our jobs -- we have mortgages and kids to feed. It's true that the university should have never put us in this position, but we should not have let them.

With that said, nobody will ever admit to writing this blog. The person(s) writing this blog would be immediately fired, sued and according to Darr -- arrested [insert mocking laughter here]. How will that help anyone? The blog is about getting you information and not about the author(s). That's all this blog is, just a source of information and bad jokes. If you really want help, find us, we'll stand with you this time. I promise.


  1. "I know many of you have been calling for a town meeting, but you will never witness the whole town assemble. Administration will never allow students, faculty and trustees to be in the same room together. Administration can only lie to one group at a time."
    If the administration will never allow a town meeting, then what is the HU community to do. How do we make ourselves heard and get results? You are absolutely correct about the state this school is in. Who can we get to take us seriously and actually do something before we pass the point of no return? Plus how do we know who to trust in this situation? HELP!

  2. Hell, if even 20 of us make picket signs and stand out in front of the building at lunch time, we'll get more press than we can stand. step 1) decide to picket 2)call press 3) profit!