Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harrisburg University: no eithics, no honesty and no math skills

At this point, I think it's safe to just assume anything that Harrisburg University puts out there that might be construed as recruitment material is suspect. I've documented how the president lies (and here), how the provost has a propensity to be anything but truthful and how the advancement folks churn out loads of misleading figures. Here is more Harrisburg University BS:

HU Wikipedia page claim
Have you been to the library? There are less than 4000 volumes.Virtual libraries don't count. Source: Nation Center for Education Statistics  4,000≠20,000

HU Wikipedia page claim
"Academic staff" means faculty. There are eleven full-time faculty at Harrisburg University and three of them are "administrative faculty" that only teach a course or two (if that) per semester. So in reality, there are 8 full-time faculty at HU.  Source: Nation Center for Education Statistics. Part time faculty: Even if you count the administration that claims to be faculty and adjunct faculty that no longer work at HU, you'll be lucky if you can come up with 40. Source: HU Staff Directory  40+11≠69

If you want to figure out the size of our current student body: enroll in a class, you'll see that there is a list of eligible participants. There is currently about 525 people on that list. The list includes all faculty (past and present), administration, staff and students (even those that have graduated.) If you remove all the graduates, faculty, staff and administration, you are left with about 320 actual students.

  HU Wikipedia code. 0+0=1022!  

I guess it's obvious why they don't list the actual numbers of undergrad and graduates on wikipedia or anywhere else for that matter. In 2010 total enrollment was 373. 304 undergraduates, 22 transfer students and 69 graduate students. 304+22+69≠1022 Source: College Navigator NCES

Source: Official HU Fast Facts 

The Assoc. Prof. of Multimedia does not have a Ph.D. The Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies does not have a Ph.D. Source: HU Faculty Profiles.

Source: Official HU Fast Facts 

If you accept their bogus claims of 1022 students and 69 faculty: 1022/69=14.8. That's 15 to 1.  If you use the correct figures of 8 full-time faculty and about 320 students, then 320/8=40. Thats 40 to 1.

Source: Official HU Fast Facts 

The above figure is talking about students. The first class at Harrisburg University in 2005 was 113. Source: Harrisburg University Milestones. 113*5≠1022 also 113*5≠320

Source: Official HU Fast Facts
HU has never been able to explain the origin of this figure. I'm guessing it's as solid as the rest of their figures though.

HU ≠ integrity and honesty.

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