Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harrisburg University VP and his gang of youngsters save Harrisburg

Also loves gender reveal parties.
At least this is what you might believe from this article in the local press about the Harrisburg Young Professionals. "RYAN RILEY is associate vice president of development and alumni relations at Harrisburg University and current president of Harrisburg Young Professionals." 

All I'm going to say about this is: Why does Harrisburg University need a VP of alumni relations? If he only called one graduate a day for a year, he could talk to each of them at least three times a year. And his "development" duties are organizing graduation and showing people around the university.

This is just another example of poor management and wasted money from our elitist administration.


  1. We call this guy the Wedding Planner. Bluetooth earpiece wearing douchbag.

  2. He can't secure money for the University if he doesn't have the VP title. People need to believe you when fundraising.

  3. What elitist crap! You can fund raise without being a VP.

  4. Why have you not gone to the state department of education to report this?
    Or to the Patriot News?