Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mel "Do Nothing" Schiavelli: Does Something

I've noticed that Mel "Do Nothing" Schiavelli seems to actually do something: make a lot of factual misstatements. You'll notice that errors are always in the favor of the university, so it's difficult to believe that they are not intentional misstatements. Judge for yourself.

" ....presently we have 300 students" - M.  Schiavelli, Q & A with Jeff Wendt, Today's Campus November 2008.  Total enrollment for the 2007-08 academic year was 215. (Source: IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2009)

"HU President Mel Schiavelli said the university's ever-expanding student body, now in excess of 800, is clamoring for more places to buy groceries and other services such as dry cleaning." - Central Penn Business Journal, Aug 2011.  And "We opened our doors to 113 students in August 2005. Now we serve more than 1,000 students a year." - Seven1Seven Soul Radio Nov 2011. Actual total student enrollment was 373. (IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2011)

"...we employ professors who've left tenure and tenure-eligible jobs..." - M.  Schiavelli, Q & A with Jeff Wendt, Today's Campus November 2008. "Of the original dozen full-time instructors....hired, all left tenured positions to take untenured ones at HU. Only two have exited, by their choice"- Accuracy in Academia,  Hope and Change in Harrisburg.

Here is the list of faculty at Harrisburg University in 2005, Dr. Cannon was the only professor with tenure. None of the others had tenure or where on a tenure track. Half of them are no longer working at HUST.

Source: 11/26/2005

“Of the 115 graduates we've had so far, 106 were employed after graduation in their field of study.”   - M.  Schiavelli, Accuracy in Academia,  Hope and Change in Harrisburg. This is a variation of "92 percent of the students are employed in their fields of study at graduation" (Op-Ed  Huntington News) claims Schiavelli has been making for some time now. Those numbers are outrageously high and very suspect.   Schiavelli has declined to cite a source for these figures. I'll be happy to mea culpa if someone at HUST would send along a copy of the study that verifies Schiavelli's claims.

When asked "What is your retention rate?" Schiavelli replied "We vary from 72 percent to 76 percent. It's been fairly constant since we opened in 2005."   NewsPage, Today's Campus 2010.  Retention rate for the 2007-08 academic year was only 16% for part-time students and 36% for full-time students. (Source: IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2009)  For the 2006-07 academic year, retention rates were 50% for part-time students and 54% for full-time students. (Source: IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2008)

Why does it matter? "In all its activities, whether internal or external, an institution should keep its promises, honor its contracts and commitments, and represent itself truthfully.- Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education, Requirements of Affiliation and Standards for Accreditation 2009. Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Failure to meets these standards puts the university at a real risk of losing accreditation.


  1. African-American StudentNovember 8, 2011 at 6:01 AM

    You missed this “Last summer, we had 12 African-American women taking organic chemistry”. The comment is very offensive. So to prove that HU has women and minorities he has to say "Oh we have some taking organic chemistry!" That's like saying "I'm not racist! I have a black friend."

  2. You'll probably be more offended when you learn that Mel just made that story up. There was not 12 African-American women in organic chemistry last summer, because there was no organic chemistry course last summer.

  3. Why does Mel still have a job? We can't have a President that can't tell the truth, it reflects poorly on all of us.