Saturday, November 26, 2011

You're invited!

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The Harrisburg University Student Government Association would like to invite you to its inaugural Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 5:00 P.M. in the 14th floor auditorium. We've invited the President and Provost of the University to speak with us to address some of the pressing issues on student's minds today. To submit your questions for this historic event, please send them to the SGA by 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, November 29. For your convenience, we've set up multiple avenues to do this: Send an email to, RSVP and comment on our Facebook event site. Speak with a Senator, leave written questions with Kim Bowman, or ask a question anonymously.  All questions will be handled confidentially by the SGA. This is your chance to hear facts firsthand; not your friend of a classmate whose neighbor's roommate heard through her mother's cousin who read some blog on the interwebs... so, BE THERE.

Jackie Turner
Student President
Harrisburg University Student Government Association

The above announcement was sent anonymously to the blog. It was edited for the web.


  1. Isn't this what you said wouldn't happen?

  2. You have the trustees to thank for the town hall meeting. So when you see them, thank them for listening. It's a good start.

  3. Actually, you have the STUDENTS to THANK FOR THIS! How would you even know?

  4. I am glad to see this happening. I am also glad that the SGA is taking a step forward to moderate the questioning so the students aren't thrown under a bus.

  5. No slight to the students in any way was intended. I was only saying that a trustee or two stepped in and agreed to the student's request. I'm sorry if it came off wrong. I'm on your side :) I'm very impressed with the students. The faculty and staff should follow your lead, the community as a whole can fix HU.

    Go Students!

  6. I agree, the students are the ones that brought about this town hall.

  7. If what I'm hearing is true - then fuck this shit. Submit questions ahead of time? Nobody is allowed to ask questions but Jackie? Fuck that. Is administration really that afraid to talk to us?

  8. I have to say I'm very leery of this whole town hall meeting. From what I'm hearing the administration will have all the questions ahead of time and students won't be allowed to ask questions. That just lets the administration push their propaganda. That's not a town hall meeting. Supposedly, the provost has promised to take revenge upon any faculty that show up too. Leave it to HU to have a fake town hall meeting.

  9. WOWOWOWowOwowoow I think there are a lot of hypocrites here and you know what SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!!! They did screw us over and that's all I have to say! Everyone that's defending the school, it's bunch of shit!!!!so once again SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!! SUCKERS......