Monday, December 5, 2011

Harrisburg University: A Decade Later

The Chairman of the Board Trustees, Bob Dolan has decided to act like the rest of administration and be less than truthful. Check out Harrisburg University: A Decade Later.

Some highlights:

Dolan quotes the Chronicle of Higher Education blog that talks about Harrisburg University. The blog is full of misstatements by the president.

Dolan misstates the total enrollment: "total enrollment is 1,022 students and its 16-story building..." (is it even a 16-story building?) Total enrollment is less than 400. Check out my blog post if you want more information.

Dolan claims there is a "41-person faculty". According to the official government statistics there are 11. However, three of them are "administrative faculty" -- that is they don't teach full-time. One faculty member has left the university and administration has fired another. That leaves Harrisburg University with SIX FACULTY. The rest of the instructors are not faculty, they are adjuncts. Adjuncts only teach classes and have no other responsibilities within the university.

Source: Nation Center for Education Statistics

[Correction: I was overly narrow in my interpretation of "Faculty". Adjuncts can be counted as faculty and some adjuncts do have advising and other duties. Therefore, Dolan's claim of a 41 person faculty could be correct. Sorry for the error.]

Dolan claims new businesses are opening up because of Harrisburg University "HU paved the way for other education institutions to establish satellite campuses downtown, and where students go, businesses follow. New restaurants, shops, services and residential options are filling spaces downtown and beyond". I'll let you judge if that's true or not.

Dolan claims "More than 90 percent of graduates have found jobs in their chosen fields." This claim is based on Harrisburg University's own figures, they have refused to show anyone the study.

Dolan quotes the "Accuracy in Academia" blog post which was surprisingly inaccurate. (You know Bob, just because you quote Mel's lies from a blog does not make it true.)

Students: You are going to have to get mad or leave. There is no hope that the administration or the trustees are going to act with any kind of decency or integrity. 


You can fight back. Contact local politicians, file complaints with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.

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  1. Slap in the face much? After a town hall meeting this is the crap you put in the paper? Nice to know how much you really care Bob.