Thursday, May 3, 2012

Harrisburg University Provost Eric Darr is less than ethical. Schiavelli changes Darr's title to "Provost Mini Me"

 I'm Mini Me. Come and get me!
Just a few weeks ago Provost Eric Darr did a radio interview for Enterprise Radio. You can listen to it here if you are so inclined. At -7:06 into the interview you'll hear Darr state that Harrisburg University has "24 undergraduate degree programs and 16 masters degree programs." As you may recall from my last post this is a lot like what HU has been claiming in press releases. The press releases state "Harrisburg University offers 24 undergraduate and 35 graduate programs." Neither one of those statements are true, Harrisburg University does not offer 40 degree programs like the Provost falsely claims, nor 59 programs like the press releases claim. Harrisburg University offers EIGHT degree programs. That's it.

At -2:21 you"ll hear Darr talking about some of the ways Harrisburg University has helped students be entrepreneurial. He says HU brought in "a talented ahhh game designer from a well known game company who's been successful in designing those sorts of ahhh businesses. Umm to act as... a coach and role model." You guys know who he's talking about right? You know the well known game designer that umm has designed famous games like ummm at that company that ummm yeah. I don't know who he's talking about either, since that person doesn't exist at HU. 

It appears that Provost Mini Me has taken a queue from President Schiavelli and is playing fast an loose with the facts. Once again, Darr fails to act with honesty and integrity. Harrisburg University's deceptive advertising and public relations is simply unethical and unacceptable. The entire university risks the loss of accreditation. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (HU's accrediting body) requires its member institutions act with honest and integrity.  


  1. We can only hope that the rumors are true the the Board of Trustees finally got of their asses and fired Eric. Next, they should fire themselves.

  2. Hmm I'm beginning to become obligated with returning to HU next semester. With the University proclaiming such statements as if they were actually 'true', I'm worried that the Middle States Commission would finally close in and discredit the school harming not only their reputation, but that of the students who attend HU.
    This is an up and coming school that seems to me, in my opinion, will go beyond means to attracting more students, which in turn will 'attract more revenue'. The fact that the University attracts a minimal amount of students each year and looses a great amount of them afterwards (due to numerous reasons, speaking from a student's POV) could prove why such actions and approaches are taken by the HU faculty leaders. From issues involving student academic credit hours to tuition, these problems could become detrimental to HU's reputation. As a student, I have seen many students leaving or planning to leave HU while not even halfway through the first semester of their freshman year. Why you may ask? Well for starters (again speaking from a student's perspective), it sucks for a college experience. As broad as that statement may be, HU faculty probably know this for a fact themselves. "The city is your campus"... hahah yeah only if your 21 (had to throw that in there)! Even though its 'Harrisburg', the boredom here is unbearable while students just come to attend class and go back to their apartments to stare at all four walls or sit hours on end on their laptops.
    We come here to learn, don't get me wrong, but for all of this I would rather sit in the comforts of my own home taking online courses (which would more than likely cut expenses down by a long shot). HU faculty really needs to become 'more' involved with student affairs with more activities and events. Otherwise, they'll continue to see a downpour of students leaving college with smiles on their faces in jubilation from 'LEAVING COLLEGE'... Secondly, the credit situation mentioned earlier is something I personally am worried about, especially with these talks of the Middle States Commission probably being involved with matters of accreditation. On the roster provided to many freshman last year, a select number were scheduled to take a pre-algebra course, which was shown to be worth three (3) credit hours. For many of us who are already aware that this course is more of a 'remedial' course and is worth as much of a class as going to a tutoring session, HU had not informed these incoming freshman of what this course was actually 'intended' for (even though they were paying for it and could apparently 'test out' during the beginning). When the question was brought upon during a 'Town Hall Meeting' to address all matter of issues with the university, including this one, the Provost of HU Eric Darr had then informed us all that the course credits were indeed AND were not noted as credit hours...?? Here's the funny part: if you 'were' to so happen to plan to graduate from HU, the credits would be accounted for towards your degree; if you so happened to leave/ transfer from HU, the credits would NOT count, only as a remedial course worth zero (0) credit hours! Was this a stunt to 'keep' those freshman from having the ability to transfer from the university? To bad for us, I guess, should of had read the University Catalog/ Student Handbook more clearly!
    There's more I'd like to say about the University; frankly I don't want to start a blog of my own while there's one here to adhere to the unaddressed issues. I find it funny that many people (students, HU faculty, parents, etc.) try to discredit this blog rather than discredit the faculty who are at fault. This is a great school that's still up and coming into the spotlight, of course. If only HU wouldn't focus more on the business side of things but rather get involved with us students of HU....

  3. You have yet to say and never did say how much the 'regular' professors are being paid? You've complained about a few high salaries, but for all we know all of the rest make the same amounts (or more, or less)! Are the rest all paid the same? Are they paid more if they have teaching responsibilities and other responsibilities? How abnout the rest of the story?

  4. HU sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!