Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harrisburg University misses payroll

I've received numerous reports that Harrisburg University missed payroll on July 13th. Apparently the University secured another loan to make payroll a few days later. HU has also failed to pay faculty overload pay which was due July 13th, instead telling faculty that they would be paid around at the end of August.
HU students - got something to say? The press would like to hear your story. Drop me a note if you want your voice to be heard.


  1. And so, have you confirmed these reports?

  2. I believe the sources to be reliable.

  3. The worst part of hu is the students & tutor . I had algebra and calc1 and the tutor was this afro hair kid Zack who thot he knew evertyhing about math. TOTAL GARBAGE AND HE WAS SUPPSOED TO BE AN A LEVEL STDUENT!!!!!!!