Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harrisburg University raises tuition again

The Patriot-News reported today that Harrisburg University increased its tuition by $1400 for 2012-13. Undergraduate tuition will now be $23,900 per year. That's $95,600 for a four year degree from a less-than-stellar institution.

There is no shortage of good schools in the Harrisburg area with more reasonable tuition:
York College of PA - $16,520
Penn State Harrisburg - $13,900 
Harrisburg Area Community College (2-year) - $4,440
Messiah College - $29,460

[7/3: Correction(s): fixed math errors. I shouldn't drink so early in the day ;)]


  1. Sure, $95.6k if tuition remains constant.

    My memory might be a little foggy on this, but wasn't the tuition for the 2008-9 year was somewhere between $14-15k? Projecting at that rate..

  2. it was $19,500 in 2010