Saturday, August 18, 2012

Attention HU Freshman

Some free advice:

-You should read this: How the Provost screws every single freshman.
-Take another class or two (if you can find any) so you aren't a freshman next year.
-If you found this blog, you probably already realize that the University is in deep financial trouble. If they go under, your degree will be worthless
- You should read this: Harrisburg University and financial exigency.
- You should read this: HU in danger of losing federal financial aid.
-You are getting seriously screwed on the cost of a university sponsored apartment. You can rent a really nice two bedroom apartment in the city for about $1K/month. (See The Apartment Guide.)
-You are getting screwed on parking fees. Leave your car at home if you can.
- Most of your credits from your freshman year won't transfer. So if like the majority of freshman before you, you decide to not come back for a second year, you will have $10K+ in debt and 3 college credits to your name.
- HU will most likely lose accreditation in the near future. HU violates virtually every standard of accreditation. I've personally prepared a comprehensive complaint detailing HU's failures to meet these standards and will file the complaint with The Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the near future. Without accreditation your degree would be worthless and you won't be able to get financial aid. 

Do you guys really need all of this BS? It's your freshman year at college. You shouldn't have to worry about all this nonsense.
HU students - got something to say? The press would like to hear your story. Drop me a note if you want your voice to be heard.


  1. I would love to post this on the "Class of 2016" facebook page. It would just be hysterical...can we do that?

  2. Sure, why not? If only I had a Facebook account...

  3. I went to Harrisburg University for 1 year, and all of this bull shit is true!!!! They lure you in with the promise of safety by security officers-quiet frankly those officers are only there to make a paycheck, they don't give a shit what happens to you!!! Then if you follow all housing rules but let a guest stay 1 day too long you are not allowed to have guests again but the people next door can underage drink, smoke weed, and party til 3 am!!! The staff don't give a shit about your success either!!!!