Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hi Gang! How ya' been?

Sorry, I didn't post since December. I've been laying low since I get tired writing about all the BS at HU.  I decided to take a break for the holidays and never came back to the blog. My bad, sorry.

Recently an article appeared on the Penn Live website:

"Dismiss ex-professor's lawsuit, Harrisburg University leaders ask federal judge"

So I guess that cat's out of the bag!

Thanks for all the support. I did get your emails and I'll look into those things soon. I do have some further info that needs some investigation, I'll post when I get back into the swing of things. Be well!


"I've chosen to exercise my right to free speech. Institutions that accept government funding....need to be held accountable for how they spend our money. And students that invest $20K a year (much of it in government-backed loans or grants) have a right to know if their institution is acting in their best interest." -From my first post.


  1. Welcome back dude, mind making more Facebook posts? Seems that's what incoming Freshman and now current Sophomores are using nowadays - a majority of them have no idea about the blog itself...

    Thanks for informing me and other 2011 Freshman of this corruption before it was too late. Trust me, we will also be watching.

  2. Hey Nice! Welcome back and good luck with your lawsuit! Someone needs to sue these guys.